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About Us


While raising two children, I quickly realized that every child needs different levels of academic assistance to help them achieve their goals. PrepfortheTest was built with the goal of helping kids perform better on standardized tests in Math and Science and actually understand the material. The author and I have known each other for over 30 years, and I have watched his career grow to a point where he is now the head of the math department at the local Community College, publisher, and father of two. I have always handled the sales and marketing in the relationship, while he handled the subject matter, a great combination.


JD’s Test Prep books have been selling in New York for the past several years. With the addition of the SAT and ACT prep books, PrepfortheTest is now the exclusive nationwide distributer for the entire library of books. With the goal of helping all students, our books are topically organized and contain verified QR codes to help students understand the material through video. Some students learn by reading the material, while others would benefit from seeing the material in a video format.  Kids, go figure.

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